Abhishek Tripathi


I am a Ph.D. student in the School of Computing at the University of Utah , supervised by Dr. Ladislav Kavan.

My research interests are Physics-based animation, 3D Reconstruction, Virtual/Augmentd Reality & Machine Learning and all things visual & fun.

I enjoy photography, traveling and watching movies in my free time.

Work Experience

Technical Director (Research and Development) - Morph 3D
April 2016 - Present

• Research and Development in Graphics, Geometry processing, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality with focus on conversion of research ideas into product features for Morph Character System (MCS).

• VR/AR Prototype applications for commercial HMD’s -Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, MS HoloLens etc. - showcasing MCS capabilities.

• Architecture - design and software development for scalable tools for the MCS platform.

• Developed tools to allow artist to create custom content for the MCS platform. Tools allow automatic generation of morphs, overlap masks, rigging/skinning for animation, custom material creation and real-time preview of “in-game” look and feel.

I have extensive experience working in the industry. Check my LinkedIn profile for details on my previous work experiences.


University of Utah
2009 - 2011

M.S. Computing - Computer Graphics & Visualization

B.M.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore
2003 - 2007

Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science & Engineering